"...It has a real period feel with modern power. It's really exciting to drive".

"It tracks nice, straight and true".

"This is a bike I can feel confident riding".

JAY LENO-Former host of The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno commenting on The Bell Kaff

“It takes real character to blaze your own path, and in an endless sea of V-twin customizers, Larry stands out as a truly unique master of the K-bikes.”

S. Shiva, founder, BMWSuperBikes.com

“What are we looking at here? Is this an old bike or a new one? Larry Romestant ties the past and present together so well that we are not sure at first. Motorcycle manufacturers with a long tradition, like BMW, ought to take notice. He is that good.”

"Larry, your bikes are Jewelry"

Craig Vetter, Fairing & Motorcycle Designer, Innovator, Racer; AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

“Larry Romestant has established a new genre of motorcycle design. He combines the precision of an engineer with the vision of a true artist. Starting with the canvas of 30-year-old BMW K-bikes, he both improves what was and creates what never was. To see his work is to see the possibility of motorcycle styling anew.”

Greg Feeler, President, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America