TBK12Special-The Beast

New photos added 07/20/10


Had the bike out this weekend, (Jan 30-31) it is a blast to ride.  Planning to add an oil cooler for those triple digit days.

The frame is '86 K100 the motor is from a 2004 K1200RS.  The motor is stock, aspiriation is through the stock K1200 fuel injection/38mm throttle bodies enrichened through 45mm velocity stacks clothed with wire mesh screens. The exhaust is 4 into 2, a balanced dual setup, the mufflers are exceptional reproductions of the exquisite sounding Conti's of Ducati Desmo twin fame fed by a beautiful Staintune 4 into 1 header. The K1100 Motronic FI module is enhanced by a Dynojet K1200RS Power Commander. The engine fires easily and throttle response is immediate and crisp.  The air/fuel ratio is tightly controlled throughout the rpm range, and remains closed loop for combustion efficiency and optimal performance at all speeds. The sound is unlike any made by a flying brick.  When on the pipe it is reminicient of the howl of the venerable Honda CB750 Four, but more menacing and deeper. Heat management is controlled by an adjustable thermostat, and the radiator is cooled by a low profile high flow fan.

The suspension is lowered one and one half inches in front (Reworked early K75S, valved in both legs, very compliant) and one inch in the rear. The front wheel is a 120/70-18 and the rear wheel is 160/60-18 Contact with the tarmac is made through Michelin Pilot R2 tires. The wheelbase is 1565mm. The K1100 series center and sidestand have been shortened and customized to make setting the bike up an effortless excersize. The rear wheel lurks only a fraction of an inch over the tarmac, just enough to allow it to free wheel. Braking up front is handled by standard two piston Brembo calipers mounted to late model 305mm floating discs. Stopping power is applied by the adustable lever of a progressive, yet firm 20mm master cylinder.

The headlight is my interpretation of the famous and rare Rauch item built in the 50's in Der VaterLand. I call it, the 'Romestant 3 Hole Bucket'. It houses three digital gauges, speedo, tach and fuel level. Mounted under the seat are two additional gauges, oil pressure and engine temperature. The speedometer sports three mini LED indicators, high beam, left turn and low fuel warning.  The tachometer also contains three LED indicators, oil pressure, water temp and right turn signal.  The original /2 crescent red/green indicators are retained, red for charging, green for transmission neutral. This item is available for separate purchase. Please contact me for details.