Welcome to RomeStant Engineering and Design, home of the SpecialK series of finely crafted custom BMW K bikes. Every SpecialK begins with an inspired vision and is fed by passion. No detail is overlooked. No creative opportunity is left unexplored. The possibilities are endless. An ongoing dialog with each client is vital. Exquisite consideration is given to every aspect of the build, from chassis dynamics and ride quality to colors and finish. We develop a unique 3-D model for every build to clearly communicate design intent to you, the client, at each stage. Whether you own an early K model ‘Flying Brick’ BMW that you just want to spruce up and modernize or desire a frame up one of a kind machine you have come to the right place.

The result: a bike tailored to your unique vision and riding style.

    • Unmatched Quality
    • Timeless Design
    • Fundamentally sound engineering
    • Superb chassis dynamics & ride quality
    • Excellent ergonomics & handling
    • Component interchangeability
    • Rock solid reliability
    • A bike like no other

Every SpecialK is unique, custom built to be an instant classic.

The K platform is one of the finest examples of German engineering. SpecialKs are built on your choice of three- or four-cylinder power plants. All are reliable, smooth, and high-performance engines. Wherever possible, new OEM BMW components are used, and every SpecialK can be serviced at any BMW service center. Infinite possibilities exist to design and craft a one-of-a-kind bike. The potential for creating unique builds on BMW’s out-standing drive train is virtually unlimited.  

Who am I?

I was born of eclectic parents. Perhaps because my father was an electrical engineer and my mother was an artist, I was cursed with both left and right brain excitation. Mechanical anythings have always fascinated me and I have been riding and wrenching on motorcycles since I was a kid growing up in Northeast Ohio. While growing up, my brothers and I built many motorized contraptions, took things apart and rearranged them to become more than the sum of their parts.

Why BMW?

I always thought the early (1983-2009) BMW Flying Brick K-bikes were superbly engineered but I personally thought they were visually unappealing (to be kind). I purposely avoided them and, instead, embraced the Boxer and the purist's disdain for all things non-opposing. Then the fortuitous ownership of a neglected K75 enlightened me and caused me to see past the garish and lumpy exterior and appreciate, even grow to respect the fine engineering and stout design of the Brick's heart. I live in Southern California with my wife Carol who has taught elementary school music for over 30 years and we have three kids, all grown and moved out. I am a trained mechanical engineer with a diverse background, ranging from the design and manufacture of Aerospace electro-mechanical assemblies to Plant Engineer for a large heavy metals industrial manufacturer. I have worked for Cisco Systems, Apple Inc., Harman Becker Automotive to name a few, and am currently employed by Harman JBL Professional as a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer. My strengths are in mechanical and manufacturing engineering and component design. I endeavor to create simple and elegant engineering solutions and I thrive on problem solving and diagnostic discoveries. larry